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Our blog page is here to provide you with gardening tips and suggestions on how to make the most of your Concept Research products. It also aims to highlight and share news about Concept Research and product development.

Posted by Concept Research on 24 Jul 2019

How to best care for your garden in the summer heat.

Deciding when is a suitable time to water your plants is often over looked. Water typically evaporates quicker during late afternoon and early evening ...

Posted by Concept Research on 16 Jul 2019

Tips on how to make your garden a bird rich haven.

  Buy bird food from reputable sources. This ensures that the seeds can provide the required levels of energy and have been grown with ...

Posted by Concept Research on 4 Jul 2019

We will be exhibiting Spoga+Gafa 2019 in Cologne 😊

Concept Research Limited will be exhibiting its 7th year at the international garden fair Spoga+Gafa from 1st until 3rd September 2019. We will be ...

Posted by Concept Research on 24 Apr 2019

5 ways to keep your garden hydrated during a heatwave

During a heatwave save yourself some work by moving potted plants into areas of your garden that receive the most shade. This will stop ...

Posted by Concept Research on 2 Dec 2018

Pests Gardeners Hate the Most

The real struggle to keeping your garden alive and thriving is the battle against common garden pests! Below you’ll find a list of the ...

Posted by Concept Research on 30 Nov 2018

How To Pick The Perfect Real Christmas Tree

As Christmas fast approaches its time to find the perfect tree. There’s no doubt in many peoples minds that having a real tree is ...

Posted by Concept Research on 5 Oct 2018

The Best Winter Flowers: Keeping Your Garden Colorful All Year Round

Winter usually means that our gardens and flowerbeds are left looking bare, sad and lonely! But, this doesn’t have to be the case… While ...

Posted by Concept Research on 6 Sep 2018

Why do mice come inside in winter?

Many people complain of Mice and Rodent infestations in the winter. But why do mice come inside in winter? And what can you do ...

Posted by Concept Research on 24 Aug 2018

Easy Autumn Gardening Tips

As summer is during to an end, its time to start preparing your garden for the colder months! Doing so will help your garden ...

Posted by Concept Research on 18 Aug 2018

How to protect your garden from Foxes

Wild foxes are a common site in gardens throughout the UK. However they sadly cause problems for many gardeners and people with outdoor pets. ...

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