Inside the secret world of urban foxes

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Urban Foxes

These days catching the sight of a bushy red-brown coat and busy tail scurrying down an alleyway or spotting a snoozing fox in the corner of you garden lawn is not uncommon.

Over the past 15 years the rise of urban foxes in the UK has increased fourfold, some see them a joy, however most people see them as a pest they could live without, with an estimated 1 fox for every 300 humans nationwide, it really is becoming an ever-growing problem.

Perhaps surprisingly, London doesn’t have the highest concentration of urban foxes in Britain. That title goes to Bournemouth with 23 foxes per square kilometre. London has 18 foxes per sq km and Bristol has 16.

It’s believed that the high populations of rats and mice in London are a big draw for urban foxes, and they are instrumental in keeping numbers of rats down in the city.

Foxes don’t always get a particularly sympathetic hearing. Many people view them as a dangerous nuisance, and they can still legally be hunted for sport, without the use of dogs.

However recently, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s website says that foxes pose very little risk to humans and far from being riddled with terrifying germs, they only carry the same diseases as dogs.

wither you are a lover or hater of Mr Foxy, there are tips and a solution to keeping you garden and property fox free.

Controlling them

Its paramount to make your garden less desirable to a fox wanting to visit your space and there are 4 simple steps you can take…

  • Do not make your garden desirable to foxes – store all house food waste in metal bins with secure lids
  • Do not leave pet food out on patios or balcony’s
  • Never leave your household refuge on side streets or side way overnight, only put your waste out the night before collection is due.
  • Keeping your grass cut short and regularly will prevent a fox creating resting areas and make sure there is no food source in compost heaps you may have.


Some people believe it’s the duty of local councils to tackle the problem of urban foxes by means of culling them, however this is very expensive to action, potentially dangerous, and opinion is a cull not be a successful action to take, due to a 30 year culling program was in operation with result of not decline in urban foxes.

It’s important to know it is illegal to trap foxes inside their den as this is cruel and will cause distress. Do not lay down any poisoned food as this puts other people and wildlife at risk and you will face heavy fines and in severe cases possible imprisonment.

There is a humane and effective alternative in prevention

Our Ultrasonic fox deterrent

FOXWatch is an Ultrasonic Fox deterrent that detects body heat. Once triggered it releases bursts of ultrasonic sound, resulting in the fox retreating. It is an innovative and humane way of banishing foxes from your property. The longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is.

Most animals, like ourselves, cannot hear the FOXWatch alarm, including cats. birds, hedgehogs and rabbits.


The conclusion is foxes are here to stay and we must implement ways to keep them at bay from our homes and gardens.

Posted by Concept Research on 7 Aug 2019

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