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CATWatch – Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

CATWatch, the Ultrasonic cat deterrent, is the only cat deterrent, scientifically tested and approved by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


FOXWatch – Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent

FOXWatch is an Ultrasonic Fox deterrent that detects body heat; once triggered it releases bursts of ultrasonic sound resulting in the fox retreating.


PESTFree – Ultrasonic Pest Deterrent

PESTFree ultrasonic multi-animal deterrent – cats, foxes and martens – for use outdoors.



PESTFree+ is two great deterrents in one unit; it releases ultrasonic sound bursts, which results in the pests retreating from the protected area, but it also features two LED lights which simulate a predatorโ€™s eyes.


CATFree – Cat Deterrent

CATFree is an innovative and humane way to banish cats from your property.


PESTController – Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent

PESTController ultrasonic mouse detterent protects your property from mice, for use indoors or under cover.


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