5 ways to keep your garden hydrated during a heatwave

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5 ways to keep your garden hydrated during a heatwave

1) Utilize the shade –

During a heatwave save yourself some work by moving potted plants into areas of your garden that receive the most shade. This will stop them drying out as quickly, thus meaning less watering for you!

2) Keep a close eye on landscape plants –

Although established plants are likely to cope during a heatwave, they can suffer. So keep an eye on them! If you notice that any of your landscaping plants are beginning to drop or have crispy or browning leaves then its time to give them a bit of attention…. And a big drink of water.

 TOP TIP: Soft-leaved plants are the first to suffer! So keep an extra eye on them.

 3) Mulch is your new best friend –

Bark, Straw, leaves and other such organic materials can be used to prevent evaporation and runoff. Placing a thin layer of these materials over the soil on your flowerbeds will help to hold in water for longer in-between waterings.

4) Only water in the morning or at night –

Watering your plants in the mid-day heat is pointless! The water will simply evaporate before it reaches the roots. Therefore, make sure you only water in the early morning or the late evening.

 5) Make sure you’re watering correctly –

When watering your plants with a hosepipe do not use a narrow jet. The high pressure that this setting causes can damage the plants you’re trying to keep alive. Instead set your Hosepipe nozzle so that it gives a gentle ‘shower like’ spray.

Posted by Concept Research on 24 Apr 2019

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