Why you should be using ultra sonic technology..

All of our deterrents have been proudly designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Why you should be using ultra sonic technology..

All our products use Ultrasonic technology to deter pests humanely… But, what exactly is it, and how does it work?

1) What is ultrasonic sound?

All of our units at Concept Research have a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor installed. These are activated by the movement of body heat, which in turn triggers a 5 second ultrasonic burst – a noise that the pest will find unpleasant, which will repeat until the animal leaves the protected area. This noise is inaudible to humans and harmless to all species.

2) Why does it only affect the targeted pest?

Each type of unit is set at a different ultrasonic sound level, and as certain animals have different levels of hearing, this ultrasonic sound can be tailored to the species of pest the unit aims to deter. For example, this is why our product FOXWatch is great at deterring foxes, and another benefit is none of our products effect birds in your garden. In fact, CATWatch is the only Ultrasonic deterrent tested and approved by the RSPB, testifying to this fact.

3) How long do Ultrasonic Deterrents take to work?

As Ultrasonic deterrents are humane, they do not work instantly, It should take between 2 to 4 weeks before the full deterrent effect is achieved, however, in extreme cases it can take up to 3 – 4 weeks. For this reason, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on our deterrents.

This varying degree of effect time is caused by the animals attitudes! Although they all find the sound irritating, some may be more inquisitive and investigate where the sound is coming from. Meanwhile, some cats are stubborn. For example, territorial males will try and stand there ground for as long as possible before finally moving along.

However, despite having to wait a little while for the deterrent to take affect, they are ultimately very effective when they do!

4) Cost effective

Removing cats and foxes from your garden and keeping them out is an on going expensive. as when you use the various of chemical products on the market you have to replenish your product and overall costs can soon add up.

Our range of ultra sonic animal deterrents have been manufactured here in the  UK for 25 years with high quality materials to last you for many years. we believe they are the perfect one of purchase to keep pests out of your garden and home.

5) Ultrasonic Pest deterrents work in all weathers!

Ultrasonic pest deterrents are also superior because they work in all weather conditions, and can be used over long periods to prevent new pests entering your property. Alternatives such as sprays and pellets can be washed away by the rain, reducing their effectiveness.

6) Cover large distances:

More than this, ultrasonic deterrents can cover large patches of your property. For example, our CATWatch and FOXWatch deterrents cover/detect up to 12-18m (40ft) away. Just another reason why they are superior over other types of products and deterrents.

These five points should have covered all your questions on ‘what is ultrasonic pest technology’. But the key message is that it is humane and effective (so a win win). Thus buy your unit here today or get in touch and contact us.

Posted by Concept Research on 28 Oct 2019

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