Why do mice come inside in winter?

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Why do mice come inside in winter?

Many people complain of Mice and Rodent infestations in the winter. But why do mice come inside in winter? And what can you do to prevent it occurring on your property.

Why do Mice come inside in Winter?

Mice (and other such rodents) are just like us, they like to stay nice and warm during the colder months. Therefore, they often find their way into sheds, garages and outhouses where they’re protected from the harsh weather. These places are also free from predators and often have access to food.

Signs of Mice in your Home:

In extreme cases, Mice will move from outbuildings into your home. They’re most commonly found in kitchens and pantries as they follow their noses to the best food sources. They’ll use their flexible bodies to squeeze between counters and their sharp teeth to bite food packaging. Therefore if you notice holes in the food at the back of your cupboards, chances are you have a mice problem.

More than this, Mice will often shred newspaper, soft furnishings and other such materials to make their nests. Therefore, again, if you spot any signs of this, Mice are likely to have invaded your property.

Finally, Mice have been known to chew through insulation. Therefore you may hear them scampering between your walls which is another sign of an infestation.

How to prevent/get rid of a Mice Infestation:

Historically, people have gotten rid of rodents from their property by using harsh chemical poisons and traps. However these ultimately kill the pests. Not only is this upsetting for some people, but it is also means the deceased rodents decay in your home, leaving a terrible smell.

An effective alternative to this is PESTController, Concept Researches indoor ultrasonic deterrent. It works by emitting an ultrasonic sound (that is inaudible to the human ear) which is off putting for the Mice. They therefore avoid the area which the device covers, meaning your home and property will remain pest free.

In this way PESTController is the perfect way to humanely protect your property and belongings from Mice!

This said we do advise customers not to use this device in areas that are inhabited by bats or rodents such as hamsters that are kept as pets.

Posted by Concept Research on 11 Jan 2024

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