Tips To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden!

All of our deterrents have been proudly designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Tips To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden!

Cats can be a big problem for many household. By following these simple steps, cat visits will become less frequent, and in time should stop all together!


CATwatch Ultrasonic Device. This RSPB approved cat deterrent, is a humane, and easy way to keep cats away from your precious Garden. Covering 125 sq. m.                                                          Purchase yours today!


CATfree – A smaller version of the CATwatch units, perfect for the smaller Garden.


Coleus Canina Plant – Its a well know fact that cats dislike strong odours, although seasonal, this plant will help keep those cats away.


Keep The Garden Clear Of Food And Excrement – Often even cat owners will have visits from other neighbours cats, try to keep your garden free of food and clean up excrement.                                Try using a simple mixture of water and vinegar, this can be sprayed onto the areas where fouling occurs and thus reduce the chances of a cat returning


Ground Coffee – Cats hate the smell of coffee. Simple sprinkling your old ground coffee in flower beds and grass areas, this will help prevent them digging or even entering the garden all together.


Pebbles or Chippings – Cats generally like smooth surfaces, by placing Pebbles or Chippings in your Garden, this should reduce visits.

For more advise on deterring cats, why not visit the RSPB,%2Doff%20and%20Scaredy%2Dcat.

Posted by Concept Research on 22 Sep 2023

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