A humane and alternative to killer traps and poisons

All of our deterrents have been proudly designed and manufactured in Great Britain

A humane and alternative to killer traps and poisons

How to get rid of mice in the house: Traps and poison aren’t the only answers

Mice in your home can cause various problems, from structure damage to your interior walls to giving you salmonella. But luckily there is an easy way to show mice the door with having to resort to traps and poisons which are increasingly deemed as barbaric and unnecessary

The average house mouse ranges between 60-90mm in size with the tail an additional 100mm.

Signs that you have unwanted rodent lodgers are usually detected from their dark-coloured droppings and damage to stored foods in your cupboards, packaging or woodwork.

Mouse nests are often built inside houses, often in places such as your loft, under floors or cavities in your walls, especially during the colder months.

And their tiny bodies enable them to squeeze through cracks as small as 5mm, which is how they can gain access into your home.

Why are mice in the house a problem?

Mice have been known to spread some nasty diseases to you and your family such as Salmonella, which can cause food poisoning.

They’ve also been known to gnaw through electric cables and wires causing serious damage and costly to repair.

The British Pest Control Association says it’s important to get rid of mice quickly, as mice are adaptable, highly mobile and breed rapidly.

So how do you get rid of mice?

As well as recommending contacting a professional pest control company for any mouse infestation, the organisation says you can carry out the work yourself use poisons and traps from a hardware store but these methods involving poisons have their Cons and are hazardous to your pets and small children you have in the home.

So, for those who prefer not to use these inhumane methods of capture and torture we believe prevention is better than cure. Our Indoor mouse deterrent PESTController is an indoor mouse repellent device humane and discrete and inaudible to you and your household pet’s is the perfect way to banish mice from your property and to prevent them from entering your home.

 How does it work?

When PESTController is switched on, bursts of ultrasonic sound are released every 8 seconds which results in the mice retreating from the protected area, with an impressive coverage of up to 1000 sq. ft (100 sq. m) the device deters any mice you may have in your house, garage, outhouse or shed.

Posted by Concept Research on 5 Feb 2024

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