The Best Winter Flowers: Keeping Your Garden Colorful All Year Round

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Icelandic poppy

Winter usually means that our gardens and flowerbeds are left looking bare, sad and lonely! But, this doesn’t have to be the case… While many flowers can’t survive in the cold, harsh winter months, there are some that thrive in these conditions.

Planting the below flowers will keep you garden colorful and cheery on even the coldest winter day:

1) Pansy:

Don’t let the name of this little flower fool you, Pansies are some of the toughest plants around. When planted in the same color on mass, the affect is quite stunning. This means, the Pansy is often the best selling plant during the winter.

2) Cyclamen:

Few blooms say winter color more than Cyclamen. This winter flower makes a great bedding plant and it comes in many pretty shades of pink, white and red. Whats more, their beautiful petals resemble the wings of butterflies, meaning a glance will remind you of the spring and the warmer weather to come.

3) The Icelandic Poppy:

This tall flower is perfect for adding a little bit of elegance to your winter garden, plant them in late autumn to make the most of their winter bloom.

4) Carnations:

Another flower that is somewhat a staple of a winter garden is the Carnation. Definitely one of the most beautiful (and hardy) plants that bloom in winter, its no surprise that Carnations are such a good seller!

5) English Primrose:

Most Primroses bloom in the spring, however the English Primrose is an exception to this rule and is ready to go in the winter. They come in a vast range of colors, however I personally prefer yellow ones to bring the illusion of sunshine on even the grayest winter day.

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Posted by Concept Research on 5 Oct 2018

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