How to protect your garden from Foxes

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How to protect your garden from foxes

Wild foxes are a common site in gardens throughout the UK. However they sadly cause problems for many gardeners and people with outdoor pets. Cunning foxes are known to:

1) Dig up flowerbeds and kids sandpits,

2) Damage fences, hosepipes and wire mesh,

3) Ruin lawns,

4) Flatten Plants,

5) Raid Bins,

6) And kill Poultry, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

Why are foxes coming into your garden?

Firstly you should think to yourself why are foxes entering your property?

For example, if you’re leaving food out for other animals, such as Hedgehogs, you’re probably also tempting foxes into your garden. Likewise try and avoid feeding household pets such as cats and dogs outside.

Foxes could also be returning to your garden to use a water-source, such as a pond or fountain.

Finally, if you have a shed or a decked area, then a fox may have turned the space underneath into its home.

How to protect your garden from foxes

Foxes have a bad reputation but they’re in fact very docile and will avoid confrontation when possible. Therefore one of the best ways to humanely keep Foxes away is by using our Ultrasonic Pest deterrent: FOXWatch.

This works simply by letting off an ultrasonic sound (that can only be heard by foxes) whenever it senses movement. As this sound is unpleasant for the foxes they’ll soon learn that your garden is simply not worth visiting.

I must stress that the device is 100% humane and doesn’t hurt the foxes in anyway!

How to protect poultry and outdoor pets from foxes

As well as using FOXWatch, to protect you domestic pets you should make sure that their cages are secure and hardy.Foxes will dig under hutches and cages to get at their prey, so its good practice to place chicken wire or mesh fencing under the soil (connected to the cage) so there’s no way they can get at your pets!

Posted by Concept Research on 18 Aug 2018

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