How To Pick The Perfect Real Christmas Tree

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How To Pick The Perfect Real Christmas Tree

As Christmas fast approaches its time to find the perfect tree. There’s no doubt in many peoples minds that having a real tree is the way to go. But with so many variety’s now available, here’s a guide to finding the perfect real Christmas tree for your home:

1) Norway Spruce –

The Norway Spruce has traditionally been Britain’s tree of choice since the Victorian period. However in recent years its popularity has dropped somewhat due to the fact that it quite quickly drops its long spiky needles, meaning its not great if you have kids and pets running around.

This said, if provided with good care, Norway Spruce’s can survive for over four weeks and they are beautifully bushy and have that Iconic Christmas scent. Thus, you shouldn’t rule them out when choosing your tree!

2) Nordman Fir –

Taking the crown as the UK’s current favorite tree is the Nordman Fir. Its symmetrical in shape and has excellent needle retention. It also has a classic dark green colour and broad needles that are fantastic for hanging heavy decorations on.

However this popularity means that these trees come with a hearty price tag, and they give off little scent which does somewhat take away from the overall Christmas vibe.

3) Fraser Fir –

Popular in America, this slender tree is ideal for modern homes as it can fit into tight spaces. More than this, similarly to the Norway Spruce, it gives off a wonderful fragrance that would fill your home with Christmas cheer.

4) Blue Spruce –

If you’re looking for a more unique tree, then the Blue Spruce may be for you! This attractive tree has a silvery blue tinge to its needles which creates a striking appearance. Although its needles are rather prickly, it does hold them well and the trees tend to have good a symmetrical shapes!

5) Douglas Fir –

Slowly making their way over to the UK from America, the Douglas Fir is the tree you want to make a statement with as they grow to incredibly tall sizes. More than this, the trees needles are soft and they don’t tend to drop too quickly, making Douglas Fir’s perfect for families! Couple this is a unique citrus scent, and you’re onto a winning tree.

6) Scots Pine –

Finally, If you want to keep your tree British then you could try the Scots Pine. These trees are less common and therefore can be harder to come by, but they’re very bushy, strong and sturdy, making them great if your Christmas tree as at risk from attack from household pets.

So that Concludes our list of all the best real Christmas trees you can buy in the UK. As for the perfect tree, It really depends on your home and lifestyle! Below you’ll find a list of some UK retailers that supply all the mentioned varieties:

1) John Lewis, who sell nationwide and online (

2) Wyevale Garden Centres, who have many stores nationwide (

3) B&Q, who have a wide variety of stores nationwide and online (

4) Dobbies Garden Centres, who again have many stores nationwide (

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Posted by Concept Research on 30 Nov 2018

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