How To Deter Foxes From Your garden

All of our deterrents have been proudly designed and manufactured in Great Britain

How To Deter Foxes From Your garden

Foxes are fascinating creatures, however they can become a nuisance, often leaving excrement in your garden to mark their territory.

Below are  some of our tips to keep your garden a fox free zone

Foxwatch ultrasonic fox deterrent – Operates 24 hours a day in most weather conditions.

The device is movement and heat activated. Once activated a noise is emitted, which the fox dislikes.

To find out more about this British made product or to buy yours today, please visit


Used teabags – Dip your old teabags into eucalyptus, peppermint oil or anything strong smelling that is natural. The socked teabag should then be “planted” into the ground where the foxes are frequently visiting.


Keep the garden Tidy – Don’t put your rubbish out in Plastic bags which foxes can acquire. Put your food in a wheelie bin with the lid secured.


Cutting the Grass – Cut or clear areas of long grass.


Block off areas – If foxes cant enter your garden, they cant dig it up or leave their excrement.  Try to find the foxes entry points, and block them off.

Ensure you block off areas under sheds or Decking. As these become ideal areas for foxes to create a den.


Bring food bowls inside – Bring leftover car or dogfood inside. This is one of the biggest attractions to foxes, as its an easy food source.


Smell – You can try and put Garlic, white vinegar or chilli powder in your problem areas. This will of course wash away with rain, but these scents are certainly disliked by foxes.





Posted by Concept Research on 3 Apr 2024

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