How to deter cats from your garden.

All of our deterrents have been proudly designed and manufactured in Great Britain

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We love cats here at Concept Research HQ, but like everyone else we dislike the mess they cause and garden birdlife they destroy in our gardens.

That’s why for 25 years we have becoming experts are deterring cats from your gardens with the method of training. Training them to go elsewhere with a range of products we produce in the UK that are effective by making your garden undesirable to cat visitors.

Cats are creatures of habit and once they have found their resting / toilet spot they won’t go elsewhere, not till you have created a reason for them to scarper.

25 Years ago, we had successfully created a product that took the advantage of ultra-sonic technology and created CATWatch. CATWatch is inaudible cat deterrent to humans and other wildlife whilst harmless to cats by emitting a ultra-sonic sound that is pure annoyance to your feline visitor. We believe it’s the most effective way in re-training the cat to venture of elsewhere with none-hassle and weather proof solution unlike other products on the market like scent products for example that easily get washed away in the rain and need re-applying.


Since then we have expanded our range of deterrents with CATFree which is aimed at the smaller garden and PESTFREE + a multi pest deterrent that will help you aid getting rid of cats and your local foxy visitor.


Please see our fall range of humane animal deterrents on our product page or call us for any product questions and pest solutions.

Posted by Concept Research on 9 Sep 2019

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