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Why should I buy CATWatch?
It is the only Ultrasonic cat deterrent approved by the RSPB and manufactured in the UK. It is both inaudible to humans and harmless to all species. Independent tests by the RSPB on the efficacy of CATWatch showed that cat intrusions were significantly reduced by the use of a CATWatch ultrasonic deterrent.

What is the difference between CATWatch and CATFree?
What is the difference between PESTFree+ and PESTFree?
PESTFree+ has all the features of PESTFree but with added LEDs, simulating the eyes of a predator.

How do your units work?
All of our units have a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor installed and are activated by the movement of body heat – this triggers a 5 second ultrasonic burst - a noise that the pest will find unpleasant, which will repeat until the animal leaves the protected area. This noise is inaudible to humans and harmless to all species.

Are your units damaging to hearing?
No, the sound pressure level emitted by our units does not cause damage or harm to humans or animals.

Up to what distance do your units detect & cover?
How long do your deterrents take to work?
It should take between 2 to 4 weeks before the full deterrent effect is achieved, however, in extreme cases it can take up to 3 months. For this reason we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on our deterrents. Goods returned under our 90-day money back guarantee should be returned complete and in their original packaging.

How long does a battery last?
We strongly recommend using a Duracell battery which should last 2-3 months although this will vary depending on the traffic in your garden. Please note that rechargeable batteries are ineffective in our units. We advise switching the unit off if you are outdoors for a long period of time to preserve battery life as the units are activated by movements of body heat. 

What are the advantages of using your optional mains adapter? 
Our optional mains adapter maintains operation at optimal efficiency as opposed to declining power of batteries. CATWatch and FOXWatch benefit from a 30% increase in sound and CATFree, PESTFree and PESTFree+ benefit from a 20% increase in sound.

Are your products weatherproof? 

What is the guarantee?
All of our units come with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee and if the unit is purchased directly from Concept Research we also offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

Do you have an after sales repair service?
Yes, we can replace components in our deterrents at a charge of £12.50 (free if the unit is in warranty) although repairs to the main circuit board are not possible as it is sealed in resin. If the unit is irreparable there is no charge.

Do you sell replacement parts?
Yes, we sell replacement parts for our CATWatch and FOXWatch as followes: 
Lens:          £4.95 plus £1.00 p&p
Speaker:     £4.95 plus £3.50 p&p
Switch:       £2.95 plus £1.00 p&p
Stake:        £2.50 plus £3.50 p&p
Postage & Packing outside of UK - prices on request

How is the Catwatch/Foxwatch fitted?
They come with a positioning stake to fix it into the ground or it can be fixed to a wall or fence.  In this case, we advise angling the unit down slightly. The middle of the lens needs to be 8 inches above the ground

Will Catwatch affect other animals?
Catwatch may deter squirrels, martens or rabbits but other wildlife (e.g. hedgehogs), including dogs, remain unaffected.
Will Foxwatch affect other animals?
Foxwatch is also audible to dogs.
Can the Pest Controller be used outside?
The Pest Controller is only for use indoors.  The unit is not weatherproof and needs the hard surfaces of a room/garage/worktop to reverberate the sonic signal in order to operate efficiently.
How are the units delivered?
All units are sent by Royal Mail 2ndclass Standard Delivery and postage and packaging is free of charge within the UK only.  Delivery should be within 7 working days. There is an express, next day delivery option at extra cost (UK only). This does not include Saturday deliveries.  

Watch our unit PESTFree+ in action:

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